What you think and how you think matters.

Hi, I’m Martin Hubbard, principal and founder of The Core Group. I help people clarify their thoughts, manage their emotions and develop a mindset that produces superior and sustainable results.
Through my work, I take individuals and their organizations through a method that I have developed over the past several years called The Core Process. This process was designed to identify and resolve Core Issues while establishing a blueprint for future growth and success.

What are Core Issues?

Core Issues are the limiting beliefs and behaviors that hinder positive and meaningful advancement in personal and organizational growth. These beliefs and behaviors are unique to each individual and require meaningful exploration and self-discovery in order to make significant changes that will ultimately produce the desired results. Through The Core Process, we are able to achieve just that. I believe every individual, organization and institution has vast potential for achievement, which can be accomplished without sacrificing peace and harmony. To learn more about the work we do, and how it can benefit you and your organization, please visit our Services page. Questions? Contact us.