The Power of Autosuggestion

I am whole, strong, clear, and powerful. I am compassionate, loving, and harmonious. Autosuggestion is one of the most powerful things we can do to harness the power of our mind. As we mentioned in the previous post, What is Internal Capacity, our emotions can distort our thoughts. One of my clients, in particular, has a story worth highlighting that exemplifies this idea. I started working with Jim just before the near-collapse of his business. During the couple of years prior to this point, his business had been booming. He was preparing to sell it and cash in on the years of hard work he had devoted to creating the financial security he had always dreamed of. Unfortunately, the market turned and the deal fell through. To make matters worse, he was so focused on trying to make the business look better on paper that he neglected the day-to-day management and failed to adjust for downturn. By the time he realized he wouldn’t be able to sell the business, it was deep in the red and not prepared to adequately operate given the new market conditions. By the time Jim got to me, his thinking was confused, he was filled with fear and anxiety, and he was uncertain how he would ultimately navigate the situation. For Jim, as for many, the focus was so much on the external that he had very little internal resources to adequately manage the complexity of his deteriorating external world. Once we are in this state, it is nearly impossible to think clearly and objectively because there is so much attached to what is happening around us. Our emotions play havoc with our mind and it seems like we are going insane. The turning point for Jim came when he realized that his method of thinking, relying one external rewards to produce an elusive sense of happiness and satisfaction (though it had gotten him far in life), was rooted in faulty beliefs. His emotions were continually reinforcing a distortion relative to sustainable success. These beliefs were anchored in the notion that only the strong survive, and that wealth equaled strength. Therefore, failure equaled weakness. How did the power of autosuggestion help Jim in this situation? Jim’s most compelling emotion was anger. When he felt threatened, he would get angry, and his thoughts would turn to being critical of others and wanting to control or degrade them to win and survive. Jim used the repetition of positive mantras and believe statements, to rewrite the internal scripts that were holding him back. “I am whole, strong, clear, and powerful. I am compassionate, loving, and harmonious.” Through this process, he was not only able to save his business, but also to direct his energy to more satisfying pursuits, both personally and professionally. Here are some encouraging and inspiring “mantras” you could repeat throughout your meditation and your workdays. Whatever phrases you choose should reflect who you are, and who you want to become. Repeating them in your mind will drive them deep into your subconscious mind. I can choose my own thoughts and actions. Good thoughts and actions will produce good results. My choices matter. Believing this in my heart will make the difference.  I am whole, strong, clear, and powerful. I am compassionate, loving, and harmonious.

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