Reversing the Senses is the perfect combination of personal story, theory, and practical steps. Awareness is the first step; willingness to apply these simple truths is what puts you on the path.

Brian J. FlornesCEO, Vintage Senior Living

While most of us are proactive about our physical health, very few of us are proactive about our well being. Going through the Core Process is like an executive physical for the soul, but better. Rather than just creating awareness and identifying areas of opportunity, the Core Process helps develop an action plan for greater success in all areas of life.

Dan LubeckManaging Director, Solis Capital Partners

Martin Hubbard does a wonderful job of showing the reader how the road to serenity and personal freedom can begin right now. I highly recommend taking the first step by reading his book.

Gary CarmellPresident-Partner, CWS Capital Partners, LLC

What a thought-provoking and behavior-changing book! Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results wasn’t working for me. I now have the tools and different perspective to make life-changing improvements to my life.

Greg KellyFormer CEO, Orthodyne Electronics

Reversing the Senses caused a paradigm shift in how I look at and feel about myself. It also made me a more genuine person and effective leader. Thank you, Martin, for your phenomenal work.

James F. ChapelPresident, Financial Benefits Group, LLC

I found Core Advisors extremely effective in helping me to achieve better focus and results in both my personal and business life. Core Advisors provided me with the tools to align my business with my personal aspirations. The advice and guidance I have learned through these exercises have been invaluable.

Mark VengroffCEO of Vengroff, Williams & Associations, Inc.

In today’s very dynamic business environment, CORE’s services are needed by intrepid leaders more than ever. Principles of empowerment, self-awareness, motivation, focus and life-balance are timeless aspirations, but CORE’s Advisors tangibly show you how to achieve and action these on a day-to-day basis.

Robert E. Grant President of Allergan Medical

If you’re going to lead or do anything that matters, you’re going to need Martin Hubbard’s Reversing the Senses. It’s a practical handbook that every leader should keep near them and refer to often.

Sara CanadaySpeaker, Consultant, Business Owner, and Author of "You. According to Them."

The Principles that Hubbard discusses are timeless. What makes his work unique and effective is his ability to bring it to life and make it real for the participant. I highly recommend Hubbard and his work.

Sean SmithCEO, Keenan and Associates

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