Personal Growth & Development

Martin Hubbard and The Core Group helps individuals and organizations seeking significant insight into issues that have prevented success. By utilizing The Core Process™ we leverage a newfound awareness to unlock one’s potential for personal freedom, improve performance and gain a higher quality of life. The Core Process™ is a results-oriented system for personal growth and development that Martin Hubbard created from twenty five years of experience.

The Core Programs for Individual Work

Core Lifeline Exercise

The centerpiece of the Core Process™ is designed to uncover your Core Issues. These include: reoccurring instances of self-defeating behaviors and limiting thoughts or attitudes that prevent you from achieving your goals and future growth.

Core Life Planning Exercise

This proprietary tool combines proven techniques for establishing clear direction and motivation for you to move forward with greater momentum.

Personality Assessment and Profile

The Core Group uses an assortment of personality assessment tools to provide you with the most accurate insight into how your personality preferences affect your life experiences.

Personal & Professional Coaching

Ongoing individual support, guidance and coaching for our clients.  

The Core Programs for Group Work

Core Forum

The Core Forum program is comprised of individuals who have been through the Core Process™ and in need of ongoing support. Each group contains 8 to 10 participants who meet monthly to share and discuss personal and professional issues in a confidential environment. Each group is facilitated by a Core Group Advisor.

Core Intensive

Core Intensives are 3 to 6 day retreats designed to assist individuals and organizations in identifying their Core Issues.

Business Performance

Martin Hubbard and The Core Group helps executives and their organizations get to the root of their problems quickly and efficiently using unique and powerful diagnostic tools.
How we work with the CEO
  • Administer Core Process™
  • Monthly Reporting
  • SWOT Analysis
How we work with the Team
  • Administer Surveys
  • Key Employee Evaluations
  • Team Building
The Difference We Make
  • Identification of Core Issues
  • Top-Down Unification
  • Renewed Confidence

Conflict Resolution

Martin Hubbard and The Core Group also specialize in mediating difficult issues that arise in both professional and personal relationships.

Professional Conflict

We are experienced in dealing with the most sensitive and potentially volatile issues in business relationships. Whether it is a dispute between partners, employees or family members in business, our process will assist in identifying the Core Issues and help work toward a reasonable and acceptable resolution.

Personal Conflict

We specialize in helping individuals resolve the potentially damaging conflicts in their personal relationships. Whether it’s between husbands and wives, parents and siblings, and /or other destructive interactions, we guide the parties towards resolving their issues in a constructive manner.